Upside-Down Curriculum

At Champlain, there are no delays between you and your future. With our unique Upside-Down Curriculum, you start taking classes in your major in your first year.

Most schools require you to take your general education courses before starting classes in your major, but Champlain is different. Our Upside-Down Curriculum lets you dive into your field of study right away.

The Upside-Down Curriculum means you can:

  • Take as many as six classes in your major during your first year at Champlain.
  • Build a highly marketable resume full of professional skills, credentials, and references.
  • Begin career-focused internships sooner than students at other schools.
  • Have four full years to develop the skills essential for success in your career.

If you enroll as an undeclared major, the Upside-Down Curriculum means you’ll be able to take courses in different majors starting in your first semester so you can see which inspires you the most. It will help you choose the academic path that’s right for you by the end of your first year.

Champlain is a pioneer of the Upside-Down Curriculum. Undergraduates can take as many as six classes in their majors during their first year [which] allows them to build a resume of professional skills and credentials and obtain work-related internships after their first year. Students who don’t initially declare a major can take courses in different majors in their first semester so they can explore what most inspires them before picking a field of concentration. 


A Who’s Who of Our Top Employers

It’s not surprising that, within a year after graduating, 91% of surveyed students from the Class of 2019 are employed or continuing their education; many received their job offers prior to graduation. Check out some of the national and local organizations that are hiring our students and grads, participating in our recruiting events, and connecting with our expert career services team on a regular basis.

National EmployersLocal Employers
AmazonBen & Jerry’s
Cisco MerakiBurton
Fidelity InvestmentsCox Automotive/
Google, Inc.GlobalFoundries
Mandiant, a FireEye CompanyHoward Center
Microsoft CorporationNational Life Group
Raven SoftwareNew Breed Marketing
Sony Bend StudiosOnLogic (Logic Supply, Inc).
Stroz Friedberg, an Aon companyPeople’s United Bank
Trivium InteractiveRevision Military Technologies, LLC

Featured Student

Game Art 
Mendham, NJ 

Champlain starts you with major specific classes on the first day of your first year so you get to know immediately if you’re making the right decision for yourself and for your future. To have that immediate interaction with what you are interested in is really rewarding, and it sets you up to be more successful in the future. If you start sooner, you can end further.


The Upside-Down Curriculum At a Glance

In any given area of career-focused study, there’s too much to learn to wait a year or two in college before taking important and relevant courses in your major. You can dive right into several classes in your field starting in the first semester of your first year with our unique Upside-Down Curriculum. This approach has a number of key benefits, including:


Our programs offer a far greater depth of study at the undergraduate level than can be found at pretty nearly any other institution. Because you’ll start relevant courses sooner in your college career, you’ll dig deeper into your chosen area of study and spend more time learning and doing what you love.


The extensive classroom learning and hands-on experience attained within your first two years of study will give you the necessary skills and qualifications to secure part-time work or internships with businesses and nonprofit organizations—and build your portfolio, resume, and skill set.


Organizations look for up-to-date professionals who can hit the ground running. With plenty of fieldwork, supervised learning, and on-the-job experience, you’ll graduate ready to move seamlessly into a job in your chosen field.


The 2021 Fiske Guide to Colleges selected Champlain as one of the “best and most interesting schools” in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.Champlain was named a “Most Innovative School” by U.S. News & World Report in its “America’s Best Colleges” 2021 ranking of universities in the North.Of 2019 graduates from Champlain College, 89% completed a career-relevant expertiential learning opportunity during their four years of college.
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