Game Art Major

What does it take for an artist to succeed in the gaming industry? How can you develop the artistic and technical skills needed to create the 2-D and 3-D environments, characters, and animations seen in the games millions of people play every day?

Success as a game artist begins with a passion for creating art. If you’re looking for an artistic career that will allow you to thrive in an increasingly digital media-based world, Champlain’s Game Art major is your perfect next step. We can help you develop your creative expression while teaching you proficiency with digital game art tools.

Why Study Game Art at Champlain College?

The unique Game Studio at Champlain College gives you start-to-finish game building experience in a professional environment. You’ll collaborate with your peers in the Game Design, Game Programming, and Game Production Management majors to create playable games in a studio that parallels the processes of the game industry.

Through our Upside-Down Curriculum, you will start Game Art courses—like Introduction to 3-D Modeling & Texturing and Introduction to Animation for Games—in your first year. These early foundations in both traditional and digital art techniques allow you more time to refine your work and gain experience through practice. In your junior and senior years, you will create high-quality work in a variety of Game Art electives. 

Our degree in Game Art was one of the first in the country and remains among the top game development programs in the world. While the field of game art represents an exploding industry that is expanding every day, there’s a catch: Everybody wants to get in. Opportunities in the field are available to graduates with professional quality portfolios, so getting the right combination of education and experience will be critical to your success.


Champlain has one of the most esteemed game development programs in the world, and consistently ranks in the Top 20 Game Design Schools by The Princeton Review.Champlain ranked 4th best school in the world by the Rookies Awards, an international creative media competition.Champlain was named a “Most Innovative School” by U.S. News & World Report for the fifth consecutive year in its “America’s Best Colleges” 2020 rankings.

The Game Studio at Champlain College

The unique Game Studio at Champlain College gives you start-to-finish game-building experience in a professional environment. You’ll collaborate with your peers in each of our game majors to create playable games in a studio that parallels the processes of the industry. By the end of your four years, you’ll be ready to work in a professional studio.

Annual Game Studio Senior Show

You will have the opportunity to present the game you create with your Game Studio team—as well as your own demo reel—to recruiters from all over the United States and Canada. Recruiters often come to the Senior Show to scout new talent, from companies like: Insomniac, Behaviour, Otherside Entertainment, Trivium Interactive, Velan, Activision/Vicarious Visions, Hidden Monster Games, Sony Bend, and Ubisoft.

Game Developers Conference

Champlain College sends a cohort to the world’s largest game developers conference each year in San Francisco. Game Studio faculty, students, alumni, and the Game Studio Career Coach attend the conference for professional development and networking. The Career Coach facilitates exclusive networking meetings for Champlain students with top recruiters from companies such as Ubisoft, ArenaNet, Crystal Dynamics, Survios, Insomniac, Rockstar, and Sony.


Year 1Introduction to Game DevelopmentIntroduction to Animation for Games
Year 22-D Game Art3-D Modeling II
Year 3Art HistoryGame Production II
Year 4Senior ProductionSenior Portfolio: Art & Animation

Featured Student

Game Art 
Jericho, VT

Featured Student

Game Art 
Bedford, NH

What surprised me was how much potential I had within me, and how these classes could drag that potential out and allow me to do things I didn’t think were possible.



Break Into the Competitive Game Industry

Although the game industry is exciting and attractive, this major is not for the faint of heart. Our rigorous curriculum covers a lot of ground in order to help you reach your full potential as a game artist—it begins with foundations in traditional media and visual art, and then moves into 2-D and 3-D graphics and animation. 

If you are serious about crafting game art, collaborating with other creative developers, and living a life doing what you love, this major will give you the tools, skills, and professional experience you need to make your dream a reality. 

By graduation, you’ll be prepared to…

  • Synthesize trends, theories, and movements in the development of new ideas.
  • Take full responsibility for your creative work and its reception before a global audience.
  • Visually conceptualize, in a clear and concise way, the artistic direction for a game or specific game assets using traditional rendering methods or digitally facilitated rendering methods.
  • Solve problems utilizing resources to find the best solutions to development challenges.

Explore all learning outcomes.

Recent grads are in positions such as:

  • Insomniac Games // Character Artist // Burbank, CA
  • PlayStudios // Real-Time VFX Artist // Burlingame, CA
  • Raven Software // Junior Environment Artist // Middletown, WI
  • Sony Bend // Associate Technical Artist // Bend, OR
  • Trivium Interactive // Graphic Artist // Boston, MA
  • Ubisoft // 3D/2D Artist // Montreal, QC
  • Vicarious Visions // Junior Artist // Albany, NY
  • Wayfair // 3D Viz Artist // Boston, MA
  • Velan Studios // Environment Artist // Troy, NY
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