Academics & Credit Transfer

Becker College students who have completed 40 general education credits at Becker College will take the Champlain College course, COR-285 Integrative Thinking Seminar (which will be available as a part of the Becker Summer Program at Champlain College for summer 2021).

Becker College students matriculating into Champlain College as 2nd-, 3rd-, or 4th-year students should consider attending the Becker Summer Program at Champlain College to complete necessary prerequisite class(es) for upper level, major-specific coursework.

The Becker College Summer Program at Champlain College is an optional summer program that will be offered fully virtually to allow Becker students to get on-track to graduate within their anticipated timeline. Student admittance to Champlain is not contingent on their participation in this summer program. Students who choose not to participate may need to take additional courses in Fall 2021 and may not graduate on-time. The Becker College Summer Program credits will be at no cost for students who choose to participate.

Champlain College will waive its normal transfer credit policy to allow Becker College students to transfer more than 75 credits. Please note, credit for courses with a grade below a C (2.0) may not qualify for transfer. Additionally, your grade will not transfer, but credit will be awarded for all courses that qualify to transfer.

All determinations that a Becker College student has satisfied the prerequisites for admission, and the application of credit to a Champlain College program of study, shall be made at the discretion of Champlain College. In order to graduate from Champlain College, students must meet all graduation requirements, as described in Champlain College’s Catalog.

Once admitted, Becker College students will become matriculated Champlain College students and will have access to all academic support services. Champlain College will provide a special registration process that includes advising tailored to the needs of the incoming Becker College students.

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